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Hyacinth MacawJust Winging It, Inc. offers a variety of services that fit just about any exotic bird or parrots needs:

Services we Provide:

  • DNA Sexing
  • Mobile Bird Care
  • Custom Parrot food
  • Bird Toys & Accessories
  • Wing & Nail Trimming
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Parrot food

Parrot food is delivered to your door on a regular basis.  Brands which include Kaytee, Zupreem and Higgins and are just some of the products you can order from Just Winging It.

We provide custom blends for your species of bird ( Canary, Parakeet, Conure, Amazon, Grey or Macaw , Cockatoo, Eclectus, Cocateils ), we can customize the food for YOUR specific bird.  Parrot food should encourage their foraging instincts.

Hear of a product that you would like to try on your parrot?  We'll do our best to get it for you!

Mobile grooming is a stress-free, efficient way to keep your bird safe and happy. (Beaks are done on a case by case basis)

Birds need toys to keep themselves entertained and well-adjusted.  We carry toys with us.  How about a large toy for your macaw or puzzles for your cockatoo.

Do you need shredders for your grey or a fun bell and swing for your conure?

We carry a wide variety of wallet-friendly Canary, Parakeet, Conure, Amazon, Grey or Macaw , Cockatoo or Eclectus toys and accessories.

Need exotic birds for your upcoming parties or that tropical function. Just Winging It has birds to add that bit of EXOTIC to your event!

Teaching is a big part of Just Winging It. (We Provide Bird Education and Education about birds for people.)

We love to go to the schools and teach your children the wonders of these magnificent creatures.

Is your exotic bird or parrot having people issues? 

We provide behavioral assistance to help make your home a peaceful place for all.We can help with all types of birds like

Not sure what to name your exotic parrot? 
Just Winging It, Inc. can help!

We offer DNA sexing with results often in as little as a week!

Going on vacation. 

Board your Parrot here or we can come to you! (Veterinary visits are required for any boarding)

Looking for a vet near you? 

We have a number of wonderful vets to service your avian pet

Just Winging It, Inc. is a knowledgeable organization where customer service is key.  We have competitive prices, convenient hours and 24/7 service.We can help with alltypes

Let us be your exotic parrot's mobile caregiver!

Blue & Gold Macaw

Holly, Blue & Gold Macaw

Greenwing Macaw

Milagro, Greenwing Macaw

"How do we do that?"

DNA Sexing: The birds nail is trimmed and a small amount of blood is retrieved onto a specimen card. This is then sent in and results are e-mailed to me usually within a week. A certificate with your name, as owner, is mailed to me which I then give to you. The procedure causes only minor discomfort to the parrot.

Wing/Nail Trimming: Your parrot is wrapped in one of YOUR towels to keep the bird immobile. This is for their safety as well as ours.  While your bird may disagree, they are in no way harmed or in any discomfort. Trimming, done correctly, is equivalent to a haircut and manicure.